Dine and Dance the Night Away at Rio’s Largest Fundraiser

The biggest and brightest fundraising event of the school year is less than two months away and we can’t wait to see staff, teachers and parents let their hair down for hours of fun, James Bond style. So mark your calendars and prepare for a memorable 007 extravaganza!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

5pm to 11pm

Seascape Resort

 Registration forms will be distributed in February.

The Auction Committee is Actively Looking for Donations

Please help us make 2013 the most successful event of our school’s history by seeking out and contributing stellar donations. We are looking for items that will entice, excite and get bid on by many…vacation getaways, surfboards, bicycles, electronics, sporting events, summer camps, airline tickets, golf excursions, fine wines, gift certificates, catering, spa days and more are all needed – and we need YOU to help make it happen. Does Uncle Earl have a condo in Tahoe? Why not give him a call and let him know how much our school will benefit due to his generosity? No Uncle Earl? Well, you get the picture, so think hard, gather up a donation or two, and know that you are doing a beautiful thing for Rio del Mar Elementary – where kind hearts and open minds Rule!

Please e-mail your donation ideas to Christy Tall and Kristen Barrett at riodelmar.auction@gmail.com  

Thanks in advance for all that you do to help our amazing school sparkle and shine.




The Event is March 9th, 2013 at Seascape Resort

Shhhhh! Don’t let the enemy know where you’ll be on SaturdayMarch 9th, 2013, dressed to kill and ready to party: Seascape Resort! It’s all about espionage, high speed chases, cut throat auctioneers, glamorous women and dashing gentlemen this year (not to mention raising money for our awesome school!), and the theme is Bond, James Bond. If you’re long overdue for a 007 film fest in your living room, now is the time to snuggle up and watch all of your favorite Bond films. That’s right, you have three long winter months to prep yourself for our biggest annual fundraiser of the year via total immersion in all things 007, but if you’re prone to total hibernation, you can also simply wake up from your winter slumber, hire a sitter, throw on something slinky, and support our school by having an adventurous time dining and dancing the night away with your partners in crime on. We can’t wait to see all of the hi stakes shenanigans that go down, not to mention who will dare to dress the part, so mark your calendars and prepare for a memorable 007 extravaganza!Image

CHOCOLATE ALERT! It’s not too late to turn in your Winter See’s Candy Fundraiser order. The deadline is this Wednesday, giving you plenty of time to figure out your chocolatey holiday plans. You’ll be glad you did…. chocolate will never let you down! (Unless, of course, you forget to order any.)

We have a winner….!

Congrats to Taylor Bryant and Gwen Chapman, co-winners of the coveted Popcorn Golden Ticket! Why 2 winners? Because Gwen bought Taylor the lucky bag. They’ll both be going to Yogurtland together this week to spend the $5 gift certificate. A true Thanksgiving story about sharing and friendship. Enjoy your sweet treat, girls! 


eScrip Online Mall Button

Shopping season is here and no doubt busy parents are planning on doing a lot of online purchasing in the next few months. Before you start buying presents and everyday essentials, PLEASE go to our school’s website and click the eScrip Online Mall button. You will find all of your favorite stores and then some – including Amazon.com – and when you shop via our link a percentage (2.4% in Amazon’s case) goes directly to our awesome school. Easy! Fast! Simple! Can your friends and extended family use our link, too? YOU BET! So spread the word, put a post-it note on your computer to always shop via our school’s home page, and know you are helping our school each time you make an online purchase. How cool is that?! Super duper cool. Check it out and start getting familiar with your online mall that benefits Rio del Mar Elementary School today!