You get out what you put in!

We are all busy parents! We are juggling the requirements of home, family and jobs.  Your child’s school experience is also important which i s probably why you live in this here in our area.

We are lucky to attend the best school in our district and with that being said, because we are the best, we don’t get as much financial support as other schools in our area.  That is where the support from our families help our school programs, teachers and staff and in turn, your children.

The Parent Alliance is responsible for raising close to $100,000 each year to support enrichment programs for students and teachers, yard duty staff, library, technology, and programs like the aftershool program, science camp for sixth graders and more.

Each year we host both community and fundraising events to enrich our children’s experience.  We know that it is not possible for everyone to make a large monetary donation so if you have time to give, that is also very valuable in making the Parent Alliance a success!