September 2012 PA Meeting Minutes

Rio Del Mar School 

Parent Alliance General Board Meeting 

September 11, 2012


Board Members Present:  Debra Wiesner, Claire Andrews, Ben Roeder, Gabby Mackle, Natalie Newton, Tracey Gannon, Stacey Mueller, and Jennifer Allen.

Others Present: Principal Deborah Dorney, T.J. Hull, Sam Christensen, Jeff Ursino, Ruth Deluca, Corey Slyder,

Julie Christie, Karma David, Stacey Levesque, Ana Lopez, Byron Rifkynd, and Athena Wolf

1. Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m. in the school library at Rio Del Mar

School by President Debra Wiesner.

2. Minutes:  The minutes of the May 2012 were distributed and read silently by those in attendance. A motion was made by Jennifer Allen to approve the minutes. The motion was seconded by Jeff Ursino. The minutes were unanimously approved.

3. President’s Report (Debra Wiesner)

a. Matching gifts programs are underutilized.  These programs are designed to increase  employee’s contributions  to charities. For example, -if an employee contributes $100 dollars to Rio del Mar elementary school, the company will match that and give the school an additional $100. We are looking for parents who work for companies that offer matching gifts programs.

b. It is time for parents to re-enroll in the E-scrip program.

c. Target has a “Red Card” credit and debit card program that will make a school contribution when you use your card.

4. Treasurer’s Report (Natalie Newton)

a. The 2012-2013 budget was voted on and approved unanimously.  Jeff Ursino made a motion to

approve with a 2nd by Athena Wolfe

5.  Principal’s Report (Principal: Deborah Dorney)

a. The 1st Day letter went out to all families.  It was based on the book Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson.  The letter stressed “Respect, Responsibility, Kindness and Best Effort”.  The letter will be posted on the school’s website.

b. Star Testing (CST) scores are in and Rio’s overall scores have shown improvement over the past 5 years.  Over 80% of students last year scored proficient or advanced in reading and math.

c. The Response to Instruction (RTI) reading program at Rio is starting October 22r. The model

will level kids according to reading ability. Parent Alliance has funded 4 additional teachers, 4 days a week and 3 Assistants, 4 days a week to work on this program.  Students will be given assessment tests to determine their initial reading level.

d. Principal Dorney will be doing a small presentation on RTI on Back to School night.

e. Asking parents to donate bottled water and some type of emergency snack (allergy free) to each classroom as an emergency preparedness effort.

f. Measure L:

i. The School Board unanimously voted to have measure L on the ballot.

ii. Measure L will fund much needed school improvements including a new track, shade

structures, improved heating systems and much more.

iii. The information on what will be done at RDM is on page 75 of the Master Plan that can be found on the PVUSD web site.

iv. If passed, the measure will add $38 per $100K value for 30-35 years per homeowner.

v. All projects on the Master Plan are expected to be complete within 5 years.

vi. Go to or friendsof for additional information.

6. New Business

a. The Innisbrooke fundraiser is now under way.

i. 10% of the PA income is derived from the fundraiser.

b. Bargetto Wine Tasting will be on October 5th.

c. Monte Fireworks is on October 5th.

d. Restaurant Night will be on October 10th at Village Host Pizza.

e. The Harvest Festival will be held on October 19th

f. Drive For Schools will begin on September 21st and run until October 21st.

g. The Book Fair starts October 8 during the Parent Teacher Conference week.

7. The meeting was adjourned at 8:03pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ben Roeder, Recording Secretary