Don’t forget that ‘Recycle For Rio’ is a year-round program! Every dollar earned through this program goes directly to new technology for our classrooms. Your donations may also be tax deductible and donation receipts are available in the office. Our next and last shipment date for this school year to the recycler is Wednesday, May 4th, so please send in any items before then.

Below is a list of what we can accept. (Please do not send in other items. We do not have the means to store them or recycle them.) Also, if at all possible, please DO NOT REMOVE BATTERIES/SIM CARDS from cell phones. This greatly reduces the money we receive (by 80%).


  • Cell Phones (please include battery/SIM card)
  • Inkjet/Laser Toner Cartridges
  • MP3 Players (include battery)
  • Digital Cameras/Digital Video Cameras (major brands only/include battery, power cord, charger)
  • Handheld Games (PSP/DS/DSi/Gameboy – include battery & charger)
  • PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 Consoles/Games/Controllers (NEW! Please include charger/AV cable)
  • Laptops/Notebooks PIII or higher only (include battery, cord/charger – remove hard drive)

If you would like more information on what we can recycle and/or detailed program guidelines, please feel free to email Corrie Slyder at, or check out the following website:

As always, thank you for your continued support!


Online Auction

Going, Going, Gone…

Check out the NEW TODAY or OUR COOL SCHOOL on the online auction!  There is still time to bid. Online auction closes on Friday April 8th at 9pm. Our goal is to to make $20,000.  Please spread the word.

Online Auction Update – Please Read

Hi Everyone,
Several of our teachers are participating in our online auction and are offering Surf Lessons with Mr. Kyle, Breakfast with Mr. Bryant, Lunch with Mrs. Zepeda or Mrs. Sandman, a Jam Session with Mr. Sweet and a Pool Party with Mr. McMillan.
Below you will find partial descriptions of the Our Cool School offerings in the Online Auction.
The auction closes this Friday night at 9 pm. These are opportunities to spend time with your favorite teachers, doing activities that they like to do in a fun environment.
You do not have to currently be a student in the teachers class to take advantage of these offerings. These are bound to go quickly with most priced as Flat Fixed Rates. Once a bid is placed, that spot is sold and is no longer available for bidding. So, talk to your child and perhaps their friends, to decide on which you’d like to bid.
The first 4 of these are already open with the remaining 4 to be open on Tuesday morning.
  1. Mr. Kyle Group Surf Lesson: Are you and/or your child wanting to learn to surf? Have you been thinking of taking a surf lesson with some friends? Then, this is for you. Enjoy a 2-hour group surf lesson with Rio Del Mar’s own Mr. Kyle. This lesson is for up to 4 individuals, each bidding separately. Date to be mutually agreed upon between all bidders and Mr. Kyle, based on ability of surfers, local location and tides.
  2. Mr. Kyle Surf Lesson Party: Have a party on the waves! Your child, and 5 of their friends will enjoy a 2 hour group surf lesson with Rio Del Mar’s own Mr. Kyle. Photos of each surfer will be taken and provided. Bring your own pizza or picnic and enjoy this one-of-a-kind party! [Restrictions: Date to be determined with Mr. Kyle, based on ability of surfers, local location and tides. [
  3. Breakfast at the Silver Spur with Mr. Bryant: Fry up the bacon and put the pancakes on the griddle! Your child and 2 of his or her friends can be the guests of Mr. Bryant for breakfast at the Silver Spur. Get the lead out and bid on this one! (This is NOT a Flat Fixed Rate)
  4. Lunch with Mrs. Zepeda: How would you like to enjoy an afternoon at Village Host, being treated to a pizza lunch with Rio Del Mar’s own Mrs. Z. The successful bidder of this item will have pizza and beverage with Mrs. Zepeda and the two other successful bidders, each bidding separately.
  5. Jam Session with Mr. Sweet: FIXED RATE PRICE is $40. Bid on this using Win-It-Now. Join this never-before offered rock band jam session with Mr. Sweet and 7 other Rio Del Mar students. You will use the sound system and big screen in the MPR to make music and play video games. Don’t play an instrument? That’s OK…you can sing or help the band and then enjoy video games on the big screen. Pizza and beverage, included. This event is scheduled for Wed, May 11th, from 2:30-4:30 in the MPR.
  6. Lunch with Mrs. Sandman: FIXED RATE PRICE is $30. Bid on this using Win-It-Now. Your child (and two other classmates, bidding separately) will join Mrs. Sandman for lunch in the classroom! You’re child will have fun spending special time with their teacher AND will be thrilled to find out there is a SPECIAL SURPRISE ending to the lunch date!
  7. Pool Party with Mr. McMillan: FIXED RATE PRICE is $50. Bid on this using Win-It-Now. Come join Mr. McMillan and his family for a fun afternoon of play in the pool. On Sunday, May 21st from 2 pm to 5 pm, you and 5 other students will join Mr. McMillan at Rio Del Mar Tennis Club for swimming, pizza and snacks. Space will be reserved just for your group to enjoy some fun time in the sun. Don’t miss out on this special event.
  8. 6th Grade Promotion Ceremony Preferred Parking and Seating: Arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy this special day. The winning bidder will receive preferred seating and a designated parking space during the 2011 sixth grade promotion. Seating includes 1/2 bench in the MPR and will accommodate 4-5 adults or 2 adults and 3 children.