Welcome to Our First Fall Fundraiser

Great American Opportunities

Wrapping paper, jewelry, gifts and cookie dough!  On Thursday, Sept. 9th we are sending home catalogs from Great American Opportunities with an exciting new array of products  for you, family, friends, neighbors and co workers. Shop online by visiting the RDM website, or our blog and click on the Great American Opportunities icon.  Many more products are available online!!

o   Celebrate the Season catalog has wrapping paper, gifts, magazines and more

o   Fall Designs catalog has cute jewelry perfect for everyone

o   Cookie Dough catalog is chock full of yummy treats that have NO transfat and no     peanut butter contamination  (Contains wheat, milk ingredients, soy, eggs and nuts)

Your packet also contains a flyer listing all incentive prizes.  In addition, we are running a Hero-Duck promotion in which kids earn different duck keychains, raffle prizes and “duck feedings”.  Just be sure to return the signed coupons when they have sold 3 items to be eligible.

Important!!  Please do not let your child sell door to door alone!!  Adult supervision is a must!

Please read the flyer sent home with your child, with the attached coupons.  If you did not receive a flyer, the Parent Alliance Blog has copies under the Flyers tab.

Questions?  Contact Athena Wolfe at 334-4400


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