Jogging for the Arts Thank You

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who
signed up to help at the Jogathon and helped make it such a successful event. A huge thank you goes to: Tony Picone, Ted Goyette, Hillary Sweet, Heather Bragga, Ellen Abelar, Tawni Pardue, Linda Feldbrugge, Debbie Collins, Denise Russo, Stacey Ely, Kimberly Grover, Katie Esche, Veronica Seitchick, Jennifer Spinelli, Dave Wardle, Cindy Evans, Christy Tall, Michelle Rossi, Lisa Bruce, Grandpa and Grandma Chapa, Kathleen DeFrancesco, Allysen Lanagan, Gabby Mackle, Kristin Witwam and last but not least Maria and Gayle in the office.

In addition to all who signed up to help, I’d like to thank all the room parents and parent volunteers who came out that day to help in the classrooms, distribute water, or came by to cheer on the children. To all of you we want to express our sincere appreciation. We could not have done it without you!

Andrea Burrell and Brenda Picone


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