Jogging for the Arts Schedule by Class

Class Jogging Schedule for Friday November 14th:

8:00 3rd Grade-Mayer/Terribilini
8:15 A.M. Kindergarten -Varni/Castro
8:30 1st Grade-Clouse/Sandman
8:45 1st Grade-Werner/Robinson
9:00 2nd Grade-Kieval/Cooper
9:15 4th Grade-Manier
9:30 4th Grade-Davis
9:45 4th Grade-Bryant
10:00 2nd Grade-McMillan
10:15 3rd Grade-Carrillo/Maraldo
10:30 2nd and SED class-Casey/Hegerle &Taylor
10:45 5th Grade- Sweet/Kitch
11:00 5th Grade-Koue
11:15 6th Grade-McKusick
11:30-6th Grade-Kyle
11:45-6th Grade-McNeilly/Salazar
12:00P.M. Kindergarten-Sillavo/Wolcott


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